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Keyboard Repair


Yamaha Keyboard Power Issues - Mid April 2021

We made contact with a customer on the NextDoor app who had a problem with her keyboard. She had bought it second hand for very little but soon discovered it had an irritating problem.

It would only work on batteries and not from the power supply. 6 large D cell batteries every few weeks could get costly.

We opened up the unit and tested the DC jack as well as the power supply. The power supply was working fine but the DC jack was not conducting the power to the main control board.

Knowing that the customer did not want to spend a great deal of money on the repair we offered a solution that worked for her within the price range that she was comfortable with. Slightly unconventional repair, we ran the power supply into the battery compartment, soldered it to the battery terminals and celebrated our success to the sound of sweet music!


Toshiba Laptop Stuck During Boot - Early April 2021

This laptop was brought in to us as whenever booting it up was attempted it got stuck at the Windows 10 Start Up repair (blue) screen.

Initially we followed the recommended Microsoft repair options such as system restore and various disk scans, all to no avail.

At this point is was becoming clear that the issue was not software related but hardware.

We disassembled the laptop and began diagnosing the most likely components to have failed until the test of the hard drive revealed that it was not in prime condition. First thing we did was connect the drive to our storage machine and copy off all of the customer's data whilst the drive was still working.

A new hard drive installed, Windows installed and data restored = Working laptop and a happy customer!

Hard Drive Test Report

HP Laptop



HP Laptop Showing Boot Device Not Found - March 2021

Initial diagnostics revealed that the hard drive was in working order and that the Windows Operating System was present and in working order.
Further investigation showed that the laptop's BIOS was not seeing the hard drive at all!

Through a process of elimination, replacing various cables and parts in turn, we determined that the issue was being caused by a faulty Hard Disk Drive cable.

A replacement cable was ordered, arrived within 48 hours and was fitted the same day and the issue was solved!


MacBook not Booting Properly - February 2021

Our first attempt to repair the booting process via the built in Disk Utility "First Aid" utility did not resolve the issue.

Further testing revealed that the Hard Disk Drive, whilst working, was damaged and only worked intermittantly.

As the disk was working at the time, we first saved the data that was on the drive.

The customer was offered the choice of a new or 2nd hand disk drive replacement. The customer chose a 2nd hand drive which was installed, the operating system was then made operational followed by the saved data being copied back onto the now working laptop.

Old Macbook

MacBook Air Repair


MacBook Air Shutting Down - January 2021

The first look at this MacBook indicated that the Operating System was OK and not corrupted.

Hardware checks were next on the list. A little more difficult than usual to check on these particular laptops as most of the components are integrated into the Logic Board but nonetheless it was determined that there were no faulty components causing the shutdowns.

Further inspection of the hardware revealved that a piece of plastic was jamming the cooling fan intermittantly and causing the laptop to overheat and shutdown. Once removed and after repeated testing the problem had gone.

It was also mentioned to the customer that the battery performance was severely diminished so we quoted for a replacement which the client proceeded with.

Shortly after collection the customer got back in touch to say how happy they were and that it felt like a new laptop!


Customer Damaged Hard Drive Connection - December 2020

The customer contacted us after he had a problem with his Graphics Card. He investigated the problem himself and was able to resolve the issue by re-seating the card. Unfortunately, whilst inside the computer he pulled the SATA cable from the hard disk drive in such a way that the plastic locator on the connection snapped off.

Upon receiving the machine from the customer we confirmed the issue as the customer had described it.

We were able to rig up a temporary connection using our workshop equipment and confirmed to the customer that the drive was still working but would not be able to be connected again via conventional means.

We offered two resolutions; either we could do our best to "Jerry-Rig" a connection between the motherboard and the drive at a lower price or copy the data over to a new hard drive and install that for them. It was explained to the customer that the "Jerry-Rigged" solution might not last and could be unreliable and as such we replaced the hard drive and saved all of the customers files!

Damaged SATA Connection

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